Illustrating with your Stamps! Zombifying Penguins


I may not have a stamp for every occasion, but when I don’t, it just means it’s time to get a little bit creative! It took me awhile to conceptualize what I wanted to do and I absolutely am in love with the Mama Elephant Arctic Penguins (my favorite stamps!), so what better way to celebrate Halloween with a little zombifying. Hey, we all watch walking dead right? The apocalypse is coming!

To set up my scene, I used a light olive stamp pad for my penguins since I knew my zombies will end up greenish. That way, when I color over it, it’ll not only blend into what I’m coloring, it’ll also add a little murkish yucky mushy tone to it. After all, we’re making zombies! Since this is essentially the same as no-line coloring, but I still want a line, I drew in my lines with a Micron 005 black ink pen. If you have copic multiliners, those would also work well too.


As you can see, on top of outlining my penguins, I also drew in brains, bones, patches, stitches, and dead looking eyes to make them into zombies! You can definitely get creative here and make them as gruesome as possible. Next step is copic coloring!

The Micron pen works great since I was able to draw details and the copic markers don’t smear the lines at all. I chose green colors that were more of a olive tone and worked through the entire image. This took quite awhile (about 2 hours?) as there was a lot of detail with these little guys and I wanted to be very careful not to smear anything. As you can see I already got a little green on the corner of the card, but no worries, we’ll cover it up when we paint in the background.


At last, after coloring the penguins, I diligently painted in the background with some water and distress inks. I used a combination of Pumice Stone and Vintage Photo for the ground, and a combination of Pumice Stone and Faded Jeans for the sky.

Since this scene was entirely made up, I didn’t exactly have a “HELP” stamp for our poor little penguin. In fact, I don’t even have a circle die of that size, haha. So I drew the help bubble with the assistance of a nickel, and cut it out so that I can have the word bubble elevated and above the background. I stitched up the entire card with some foam tape and attached it to a black base folded card stock to finish up!


Hope you like this card and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Don’t let these penguins eat your brains!


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