Triple Layer Dimensional Card with Distress Blending


I was feeling a bit of a lull in my creativity last week and just wasn’t coming up with a card that I truly liked. One of the things I tend to do when I am in that kind of situation is to just stamp and color everywhere, and not even think about cardmaking. This week I really wanted to take out the MFT BB Somebunny stamps. I had bought them during the Labor Day sale and haven’t had a chance to use them yet. These bunnies are just so cute!

It took me about 3 days of brainstorming on nights after work before I finally decided to give this garden idea a try! So here we go…

As I mentioned before, I started by coloring all the bunnies and carrots. Β I knew I wanted a bunny farming the carrots in her garden, but then I thought how cute would it be if there’s another bunny just eating the carrots instead? It reminded me of how I also start tasting food while my mom is still cooking… haha. I first drew a half eaten carrot, and then wanted to show the rabbit holding and eating the carrot so I decided to cut open the character to make it work.


Note that I cut the eaten carrot on the line, rather than leaving any white space around it because I knew it was going to be in the center of the bunny. So after I finished these bunnies (which I colored with copic), I set them aside and started working on the garden.

When I came up with the carrot garden idea, and knew I wanted to add dimension to the garden so that it looks like the carrots are planted in rows of dirt. For the dirt, I actually used the lawn fawn ocean waves dieΒ onΒ kraft cardstock. You may think, ocean waves? But yes! Just turn it upside down! Since these are getting layered, I really didn’t care that the bottom wasn’t straight since it will get covered. But we’re not done yet.


The kraft paper by itself looked kinda of plain and I wanted to add more dimension to the ground. To do so I took out the vintage photo distress ink and round blender, and blended in the ink from bottom up. Since your surface is closest to the light, by blending bottom up, you can easily create a fade from darker to lighter. The ink you pick up with naturally run out as you blend upwards. This gave it a more dirt texture to the kraft paper.

On a white 110lb cardstock, I blended the broken china distress ink from bottom up to create the daytime sky. Again, I wanted the shade to gradually become lighter on top. I then took the stitched cloud from the same MFT BB Somebunny set and stamped a few clouds in the sky, with the same distress ink, and finished the top of the card with a sentiment from the stamp set in heat-embossed black powder.

Now the fun and final part! Piecing those layers together can be a tad tricky if you don’t have a plan ready. You should definitely layout where you want those layers before gluing them down because you want to make sure you know where to put one layer of foam tape or 2 layers of foam tape. You’ll see in the final product that the forefront bottom layer is the most elevated with double layer of foam tape, middle dirt piece with single layer of foam table, and the top back piece glued directly to the background. For peices like the bunny and carrot that is hovering over the 2nd layer, you would want to put 1 layer of foam tape, even though its sitting in the double foam layer. I hope I didn’t just confuse you….


Ultimately, you will see the 3 layers! Isn’t that fun? And here is the finished card!


I hope you enjoy this blog and post and stay tuned for other great cards I have in store for you this week! πŸ™‚




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