Penguins in Space! Distress Blended Galaxy


Finally finishing up my trilogy of cards for the MFT Penguins in Paradise, thanks to my good friend Suzie! I was missing that one last sentiment stamp and she came to the rescue. Thank you!

For this card, if you can’t tell already, uses the penguin with the lifesaver in the stamp set. I came upon this idea on accident while I was actually trying to make a shaker card with a jaws theme, but as I messed up on that I was doodling circles, when it dawned on me, he looks like he’s in an alien spaceship! Hahaha. I’ve always been dying to create a card with a galaxy background so it was definitely time!

There are basically two main pieces to this card. The space ship and the galaxy background. For the space ship, I simply drew ovals around a stamped penguin until I got the right perceptive angle of the circles. Instead of using that sketch as my spaceship, I actually layered it over a grey cardstock and cut out the shape together, so that I have the mold of the spaceship on the grey cardstock. I did the same technique for the glass bubble but with vellum.


As soon as the shapes were cut out, I added shading to the spaceship with copics and even some distress ink blending on the edges. I went with no-line coloring on the penguin to keep it consistent with the no-line spaceship of his, using copics as well.

As for the galaxy, I used tumbled glassseedless preserves, chipped sapphire, and black soot distress inks. Sprinkle some water on it for distressing (not too heavy on the water!), and using your brush to spray some acrylic white paint for stars. You’ll have beautiful galaxies in no time!


I used the Altenew To the Moon stamp set to get the sentiment “You’re out of this World”, courtesy of my crafty friend, and finished up the card!

Thanks for joining me on today’s post and hope you have an extraordinary day!




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