Biking Under a Masked Sunset Background


Happy weekend! So happy it’s Saturday, because that usually means I finally have some time to craft! Today I made a fun with the mouse from ME Tandem Ride riding a small bike in the ME Toy Shop stamp. When I saw these acquired these two stamp sets, I immediately knew I had to put them together and have him ride into the sunset. Does anyone watch Sons of Anarchy?

Instead of blending an entire card like I usually do, I wanted to create a half dome shape. I chose orange sunset colors and blending in my distress inks from red shades to yellow. Β To mask off my area, I partially die cut out a circle from a regular piece of paper and also die cut another small circle for the sun on another sheet.


I blended from red (bottom) to mustard seed yellow (top) with distress inks. And then, after the sunset was done, i went back in to blend the squeezed lemonade yellow in the circle I left unblended for the sun. I drew and colored in the road with a grey colored pencil, so that I can get that grainy texture for the road.

2015-11-01 14.59.30

The mouse faces to the right, but the small bike faced left. So in order to make this combination work, I used the mirror technique to turn the bike around. As you can see, I tried it twice, and neither came out exactly perfect. (If someone knows how to stamp better using mirror technique, let me know!). But to correct the issue, I simply drew over with my Copic Multiliner to clean it up, before I colored in with Copics.

And lastly, one cannot forget about his sunglasses because if he’s riding into the sunset, he definitely need some shades! hand drawn those in, outlined with the Copic Multiliner, and copic colored it in. I fussy cat the biker mouse out and arranged all the pieces together to finish up the card!


I have to say, I really liked how this card turned out! Perhaps I’ll make a few more to send out πŸ™‚Β Hope you have a wonderful weekend!





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