The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Happy Monday! Today I’m over on the The Ton blog, sharing my 2 cards previewed here. So please head on over to The Ton for details!


If you’re staying and still reading my rant, why hello! Let’s chat 🙂 If you weren’t aware already, I work full-time so my crafting hours can be a bit limited during the week. Some nights, I am just exhausted and unmotivated. It’s been a tiring week.

However, this week I’m on vacation! So, that means I get plenty of crafting time and I’m just absolutely excited and happy to work out these crafting muscles and do some major damage in my craft room.. err.. craft desk/corner. I wish I have a craft room! One day Keeway….one day.

Anyways, since you’re still reading, I’ll share a small secret. I am working on a little something something right now to share with my followers in the spirit of Thanksgiving, which I will hopefully have ready on Wednesday, so stay tuned!


(Note: These images are from a super duper cute, and motivational blog Chibird that I follow. I just absolutely love the illustrations she makes because the can be very uplifting! I love using them as a way to share my expressions.)





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