CASology Challenge: Merry


I know I said in my last post was my last one, but as I was cleaning I took a short break to read some blogs, and really like the new CASology challenge and suddenly had an idea in mind with some pieces I had left from my previous project!

In my previous post on the Christmas shaker tags, I had die cut out little circle out of the ornaments for the shaker windows. Since I had taken the effort to blend the ornaments fully, I felt it was quite a waste to throw away these little pieces, as I knew they could definitely be used in a different project. Low and behold, when I saw this challenge, I knew exactly how I wanted to use them!


When I think “merry,” I think happy colors. But to keep it CAS, I really wanted to use a white on white font. So I utilized the colored circles behind my die-cut letters to add bold colors toΒ help the letters pop!


This will be my entry for CASology Week 178: Merry.


Now, this is really my last post of the season :). I’m off to San Francisco!




7 thoughts on “CASology Challenge: Merry

  1. Leeway, your card is awesome! So glad you didn’t let those gorgeous circles go to waste and the white letters really pop in front of them. Thanks for playing along with CASology!

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