Everything Looks Delicious!

2016-01-17 09.54.26_1080

How cute are these stamps!!??! So I stumbled upon Love Cynthia’s Instagram on accident one day while browsing, and during that time she didn’t have any stamp sets. I followed her just for inspiration, but when she released her first stamp set I was so excited. But! I still didn’t buy any, because the thought of paying International shipping was discouraging for just a couple stamps. But when she she released more stamp sets, yup, I got those immediately.

So today’s card features the Foodie stamp set, and I just love them! I know Mama Elephant has a similar one, but I was not really into all the smiley faces on the food in that set, so when I saw this one, I was like… MINE.

2016-01-16 08.48.45_1080

You may think this is incredibly random, but I found my inspiration from a Target bag I saw sitting in the dumpster. I tried googling for an image to share with you, but I can’t find it! But it was a large target logo, made up of little varying sizes of target logos. So for my card, I drew a bulls eye in pencil to lay out my guidelines before I started stamping.

2016-01-16 09.11.23_1080

The one thing that made me nervous about stamping something like this, is accidentally getting ink where I don’t want it, so I had a baby wipe next to me to constantly make sure I didn’t have any ink on my fingers, palm, sleeve… wherever. When I finally finished stamping all the food, I let the ink dry before I erased the pencil guidelines. It would be sad if after all that work, you accidentally smeared it!

2016-01-17 09.53.55_1080

Now onto the fun part, coloring. I love soft colors, so that’s what I stuck to. Since these images were so small, I didn’t think it was necessary to do much detail in the coloring, so I kept it pretty simple. After I finished coloring, I was about to just glue the panel onto a base card, and be done….but I thought, maybe just a little more interest but not too much. So I partial cut a circle around my colored image, and used my stripes background stamp to create those yellow lines in the bottom half the card. And with a little cross stitching on the sides, now the card is done.


I think this card speaks for itself, don’t you? Sentiment not needed! I can dream of good comfort food, all day, every day!



I’ll also be submitting this card to the current Curtain Call Challenge for the theme girly.




10 thoughts on “Everything Looks Delicious!

  1. This is SO sweet and girly, Keeway! WOW! Love the “koncept” 😉 all the great stamping and the soft copic colouring!
    Thanks for joining us at the Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

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