You Make Me Happy


Hello and happy hump day! Today I will be over on The Ton Blog sharing details of this adorable puppy card I made for the everyday occasion. The Ton recently released some fun glitter sticker sheets, and I was excited to incorporate some glitter in my card today! This was definitely a lot less messy than using regular glitter. I usually end up getting glitter everywhere, and it’s so difficult to get it out of small cracks :(.


About 2 weeks ago, I offered to send cards to anyone who was interested in my Instagram. I love sending happy mail as much as I like receiving them! And it took me a whole 2 weeks to finish writing 30 cards. I’m so proud of myself to get through everything. But I don’t want to stop there!


I’m currently completely depleted of cards, but I want to keep sending out happy mail as I make new cards. If you’re interested in a new pen pal or card swap, let me know! Thank you as always for stopping by and have a lovely day :)!




One thought on “You Make Me Happy

  1. I would definitely be interested in a card swap! I love your cards, you might like mine too. Check out my Insta @dpappagianis (I’m private, so you’ll have to request me ☺️).


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