Oh Happy Day

2016-03-19 08.26.51_header

Good morning and Happy Monday! This weekend I had some time to really practice with my Zig Clean Color Brushes and improve on my control over the shading. I also quickly worked on my color chart so that I stop blindly picking colors based on what’s labelled on the outside. Laziness at it’s best! Haha.

2016-03-17 07.52.06

My charts are rather simple, as I didn’t want to waste all day making perfect little swatches, so I simply used my Mixed Media Canson spiral book and went down the list of colors, while creating a gradient with my water brush so that I know what shades it can make! I went through each brush based on its color family, so that if I was looking for a blue, I would just flip to my blue page and look for a shade I want. Convenient!


I practice my coloring on the adorable Avery Elle Woodland Wonders set that was recently released and it just came out perfect! I had colored so many little critters that I was able to make a set of cards, but I will show you two versions of what I made.

2016-03-18 18.50.08

I limited my scene to be within a circle. I really like this layout because it keeps the card quite clean, and yet still allow for room to create a mini scene. Since the branches and the critters already took up majority of the space, I kept the backgrounds rather simple by creating a distress blended gradient, with a little distressed effect.  You can see here all the layering sandwiched into the card before I glued it all together.

2016-03-19 08.26.31-1080ig

I was able to use one branch and cut them in half to make two cards here. The tree with the owl is in the foreground, while for the rabbit and bird, the branches are in the background. It all depended on what was the star of the show.


I have to say these are one of my favorite cards I have made so far this year. I really feel like I have a better handle on my Zigs now and look forward to coloring more stamped images with them!

Thanks for stopping by and cheers to happy crafting!




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